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We are a group of Business Literature Enthusiasts,interested in bringing to the attention of the wider community, sound business advice.

We are a business men fed up with the incompetence of others. We want business to thrive and to compete with us, we want business to boom.

But it won't if the mountains of poor advice, get rich quick tips, and 'only fools and horses work' clap-trap are not done away with. This is something we can do something about. We hope that you will appreciate this offering.

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Mind Your Own Business

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If you're an executive in the £30,000 to £70,000 range - or headed for that category - the chances are that your personal business has the following things wrong with it:

- Your investment portfolio is based on tips, hunches and hearsay... a hodgepodge of stock holdings that you're nearly always a little worried about.

- Your personal health gets attention only when it demands it.

- You haven't balanced your own bank account in years.

- You haven't had time to give any really serious planning to your children's school educations - or the options.

- You are under-insured or mis-insured,... see: Mind Your Own Business