Mental Health

In recent years, more websites have been written about the psychology of the businessman than about his techniques of management in a corporate organization. Here are some additional thoughts - on the organization man's psychological make-up.

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Travelers: To Your Good Health

Planning a global swing? A votre sante. But to keep healthy, be cautious. Montezuma's revenge can curse you even in spick-and-span Scotland and Switzerland; you can even get sick in London (ever try an Indian curry in Soho?). So, for a painless journey, here's the latest on travel health:

First: Get your shots. Smallpox (single shot) is now not required; you can get back into the UK. without it. But tetanus (three injections) and polio (two oral doses, initially) may be suggested, depending on where you are going. Tetanus, especially, makes sense in view of the surge in auto accidents (ever try driving in Rome?). As for polio: There's no evidence that people over 40 are immune - despite the... see: Travelers: To Your Good Health