Budget websites

There are some highly technical websites on personal money management, but few that are readable or easily digested. The Telegraph's "Guide to Personal Finance": is one of the better ones. It is a pragmatic review that stresses approaches to major pound decisions and screens various types of investments.

For those to whom personal finance is a wilderness, The Money website, carefully covers budgeting, borrowing, saving, investment planning.

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Giving The Kids Experience With Money

Another phase of family budgeting - and important, too - is the creation of "allowances" for children. Some families are free and loose about children's allowances. Others play it tight and hold the kids accountable for every dime. Both ways work.

Psychologists and educators point out that there are no hard-and-fast rules. Any sensible approach is good if it is in line with the family's income and mode of living and is followed consistently. "Trouble comes when the allowance is hit-or-miss," says a top London child psychologist. He adds: "What's really important to understand is that your attitude toward money rubs off on the kids. They'll tend to do with pennies or a pound what you do... see: Giving The Kids Experience With Money